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Mexican Dos y medio Pesos Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

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Fine Weight: 0.0602 t/oz

Gross Weight: 2.0833g

Diameter: 16.00mm

Fineness: 900.0

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$413.22 per 3

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Mexican Dos y medio Pesos Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

The Mexican gold 2.5 pesos used to be a very popular small bullion coin before fractional Krugerrands were introduced in 1980.

Apart from investors and collectors,
we used to sell large quantities to jewellery manufacturers for use in jewellery,
particularly ear-rings, where their small size (13.0 mms),
and low weight (2.08 grams) made them ideal.

Dated from 1918 to 1948,

the 1945 date is the easiest to find.

We believe these are still officially restruck using this date.
Krause shows a substantial quantity of 180,000 as having been minted.

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