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Fine Weight: 1 t/oz (31.10g)

Gross Weight: 33.93g

Diameter: 32.77mm

Fineness: 916.0

Carat: 22ct

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$1,988.50 per 1 OZ

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Our Krugerrand - Minted since 1967, The South African Krugerrand is the most popular and numerous one ounce bullion gold coin in the world and offers a great value way to invest in gold.

Our Krugerrands are 22 carat gold, but weigh more than a troy ounce and therefore contain exactly 1 troy ounce of fine (24 carat) gold.

This product is a 'Best Value' item therefore the coins sent will be our choice of date. Coins may be circulated and are therefore sold based on their bullion value.

Our bullion 1oz Krugerrand gold coins are checked for weight and quality before they are dispatched.

More for specific date coins. Alternatively, for brand new coins see new 2019 krugerrand.


The gold Krugerrand is a South African coin which was presented in 1967 as a vehicle for private responsibility for. It was the first ounce gold bullion coin made. From that point forward the gold Krugerrand, which is created by the South African Mint has demonstrated famous and by the 1980's represented 90% of the gold coin market. During the 1970's and 80's a few nations disallowed import of gold Krugerrands in light of the relationship with the politically-sanctioned racial segregation government, which has since been annulled.

The 1oz Krugerrand coin is today one of the most famous and financially savvy approaches to putting resources into gold bullion coins among UK financial backers. Their acclaim and prevalence makes them a particularly wise venture as there will quite often be a business opportunity for the coin when the opportunity arrives to take advantage of your speculation. In 1980 the South African Mint additionally presented three more modest coins with a half ounce, quarter ounce, and tenth ounce of gold. It was as a matter of fact the outcome of the gold Krugerrand which later affected other gold delivering countries to mint their own bullion coins, for example, the US Hawk.

Did you know The Krugerrand was the first gold coin to contain precisely one ounce of fine gold, and was intended to provide a vehicle for the private ownership of gold.

• 22 carat
• 1 troy ounce of pure gold
• Minimum Gross Weight 33.93g

The 1 oz Krugerrand is one of the most iconic of all the gold bullion coin’s on the global market. First released in 1967, it is still the most traded gold bullion coin in the world. In 1980 the coin made up more than 90% of all gold bullion, although its market share has fallen since the introduction of many other government minted bullion coins around this time, which include the Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle and Britannia.

The 1 oz Krugerrand has a diameter of 32.77mm and a thickness of 2.84mm. It has a reeded edge and its gold content measures 31.103g. The coin’s purity measures 22 carats (91.67%) which makes it highly valuable, far beyond its designated face value of 10 Rands. The coin’s design shows the national symbol of the Springbok on its reverse, the latest design of which was produced in 1984 by Coert Steynberg. On the coin’s obverse is the portrait of former Prime Minister Paul Krugerrand, of whom the coin is named after.

The remaining 8.33% of the coin that is not gold is made from copper or “Crowned gold”, which gives all Krugerrands their darker orange colour. Coins minted with silver alloys, instead, have a lighter colour. Copper alloys are known to be hardier and more durable, however, and therefore are more likely to maintain their value.

In 2017, for the Krugerrands 50th birthday, special editions of gold, silver and platinum were produced, although these were considered “Premium Uncirculated”. Unlike many gold bullion coins, the Krugerrand does not release many special edition versions, with the exception of “Proof Krugerrands”. These Proof versions are produced with collectors in mind and are therefore typically more valuable than those traded by investors. Proof Krugerrands have more serrations on the coin’s edge (220) than those traded purely for investment (160).

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This is the my dad's favorite coin. I bought this for him as a gift

I've ordered multiple times now and have had nothing but great results! The coins are always great, well packaged and quickly shipped. Great experience!!