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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

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Fine Weight: 5.806g (0.1867 t/oz)

Gross Weight: 6.451g

Diameter: 21mm

Fineness: 900.0

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$1,173.70 per 3

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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

These Gold 20 Franc coins were produced by the Swiss Mint.
The 20 Franc Gold coin has two designs, this is the second of the two
designs that was produced between 1897 to 1949.
This design is often known as the 'Vreneli' 20 Franc Gold Coin.

The designs on the coin feature the Swiss Cross punched
in the centre of the coin in a crested surround.
On the obverse is a portrait of a Lady with plaited
hair with words "Helvetia" inscribed at the top.
The portrait is thought to be a personification of Switzerland
and as such is colloquially sometimes referred to as the 'Swiss Miss'.

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