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Peru 10 (Diez) Soles Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

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Fine Weight: 0.133 t/oz (4.146g)

Gross Weight: 4.607g

Fineness: 900.0

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$323.98 per 1

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Peru 10 (Diez) Soles Gold Coin - goldbullionshops

The Peru 10 soles coin is a small gold coin,
minted between the years of 1956 and 1969 was manufactured by the Lima Mint in the Peruvian capital.

The coin features Lady Liberty seated on the obverse of the coin,
and the Peruvian coat of arms on the reverse -
the coat of arms celebrating Peruvian heritage with the image of a Vicuna
(the national animal), the Cinchona national tree (from where quinine is derived)
and coins spilling from a cornucopia in tribute to their mineral wealth.

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