Moneta d'argento da 10 OZ, The Griffin - Queen's Beast - negozi di lingotti d'oro

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Fine Weight: 10 t/oz (311g)

Gross Weight: 311g

Fineness: 999.9

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$347.26 per 10 OZ


10 OZ Silver Coin, The Griffin - Queen's Beast - goldbullionshops

This beautiful coin is the second of a series of ten that will feature the "Queen's Beasts".

The Queen's Beasts are ten statues which stood guard for the Queen's Coronation,
sculpted by James Woodford RA in 1953. The Queen's Beasts are still standing,
but are currently housed at the Canadian Museum of History in Quebec, Canada.

Stone replicas of the statues can be found at Kew gardens.

The second coin features the Griffin. The coin is fine Silver and weighs ten ounces (311.03 grams).

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